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Certificate in Office Automation

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Office automation refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks.


  • Introduction to computer, History, characteristics, components.
  • Concepts of Hardware and Software Representation of Data/Information.
  • Concept of Data processing. Applications of IECT: e-governance & Multimedia and Entertainment.
  • Introduction to GUI Based Operating System. Basics of WINDOWS. The User Interface. File and Directory Management.
  • Elements of word processing. Text Creation and manipulation. Text Formatting- Paragraph Indenting. Bullets and Numbering, Changing case. Macros.
  • Table Manipulation: Draw Table, Changing cell width and height, Alignment of Text in cell, Delete / Insertion of row and column, Border and shading
  • Cross reference, table of contents. Mail Merge
  • Spread sheet elements. Manipulation of Cells: Entering Text, Numbers and Dates , Creating Text, Number and Date Series, Editing Worksheet Data, Inserting and Deleting Rows, Column, Changing Cell Height and Width
  • Using Formulas. Working with function and charts. Advanced filter, comments, protecting worksheet
  • Power point presentations: Creation of Presentation, Preparation of Slides. Transition and Slide Timing and Automating a Slide Show
  • Basics of Computer Networks. Services on Internet. ISPs and examples (Broadband/Dialup/WiFi). TCP/IP and OSI layers. WWW, web browser and Search Engines.
  • Basics of E-mail. Opening Email Client. Mailbox: Inbox and Outbox. Instant Messaging and Collaboration.
  • Soft Skills: Personality Development. Writing Skills, File Handling.
  • Data Entry / Typing computer.
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