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Data Networking and cable Technician

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This job roles in the electronics sector works as support to the data networking engineer (field engineer) by laying appropriate LAN cables in identified customer’s site following standard operating procedures. 

A data networking and cable technician is responsible for laying cables (optical fibre or copper cables) for LAN communication in offices and commercial buildings. The candidate should be aware of various kinds of cables available, their uses in LAN connectivity and how are signal transmitted. 

: Must exhibit good customer service attributes—courteous, solution oriented, polite, reliable, good decision-making skills, etc. Must be focused and outcome oriented. Possess an alert mind, a physically active and flexible body. Should have good eyesight and pay importance to details. Should also possess steady arm-hand coordination while carrying out work. Should be responsible for own outcomes and be able to work in a team. 

Please refer to the detailed syllabus in the link You can refer book for Data Networking and cable Technician by Indian Author. Book Name-Data Communications and Networking Author Name-by Forouzan Price-Rs.350 (approximately) Link :

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